Things to Consider Before Starting a Weight Loss Program

Side profile of the legs of a woman standing on a weighing scale

People spend billions of dollars every year on miracle weight loss programs.

Yet we are getting fatter and fatter!


There is a lot of noise out there on the subject. Here are some tips on what you should look for in a weight loss program so you don’t get crazed by the diet craze.

1) Am I Really Ready to Change, Really?! Stop. Ask yourself this very important question before you do anything. I’ve mentioned this point before. Where your head is will dramatically impact your ability to change to healthy behaviors and be successful in pursuing weight loss.

My philosophy and the MAD COOL FITNESS philosophy is knowing yourself and getting real about your behavior is HUGELY important to realizing healthy lifestyle change success.

Get to the TRUE answer by asking the following, probing questions:

    •    Do I want to be healthy?

    •    Why do I want to be healthy? Is it long-term or short-term?

    •    What does being healthy mean? What does my life look like? What does it feel like?

Before going down the healthy lifestyle change road, first assess how ready you are to change. Here are some self-probing questions:

  1. I’m a tired of my currently lifestyle? Is it ”painful” in terms of how I feel and how I feel about how I look?
  2. How much energy am I willing to put into changing my life? Is the pain of continuing on my current path greater than the “pain” of change?
  3. What is my vision of a healthier lifestyle? Am I happier?

Once you have assessed your readiness to change and determine you are ready, now you can get down to the get down. ACTION.

2) Safety. CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR. Before engaging in any program please check with your doctor. You need to know any guidelines, precautions you must take before engaging in a weight loss program. There are tons of programs out there. The question is which is best for you based on your medical history.

3) Is This Program Credible? I mean, who created this “plan”, anyway?  No shortage of programs in the marketplace but are they legit? Have registered dieticians, certified wellness coaches, licensed medical professionals been involved or validated the program? Don’t go by the girlfriend grapevine. “Girl, so-and-so lost 10 pounds last week on the all watermelon diet”J It’s not necessarily safe or effective.

4) If It’s Too Good to Be True, IT IS! Unfortunately, there are no quick fixes. The fat is not going to just magically fall off your body. You didn’t gain weight overnight (there were probably several nights of chicken wings and snickers) and you’re not going to lose weight overnight. You gotta sweat, you gotta eat well, you gotta love yourself and prioritize your health. You gotta WORK and you gotta enjoy the process of changing.

Because the process of changing is where the real magic happens.

In the words of the great one Debbie Allen “If you want fame? Well fame costs. And right here is where you start paying in sweat.” Amen. She was, and is still, so fly.

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By day, Jennifer Turner is a high-powered media executive.  By night, Ms. Turner is a self-proclaimed, “Fitness Activator.”  This is to say that her life’s mission is to empower others to “activate” their innate ability to have a healthy lifestyle and achieve happiness.

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