Dr. Steve Perry


Dr. Steve Perry, the host of Save My Son, is working to transform the educational experience for all children. Born into poverty, he believes that success in life is determined by where you end, not where you start. It’s this philosophy that inspired him early on to transform the lives of poor and minority children by providing them with access to a college education. More recently, he’s been bringing his ideas and passion to children everywhere, no matter what their socioeconomic or academic background.

In 1998 Dr. Perry founded ConnCAP, the Connecticut Collegiate Awareness Program, at Capital Community College. For a period of six years, the program sent 100% of its low-income first-generation graduates to four-year colleges. Then in 2004 Capital Preparatory Magnet School was established in Hartford, Connecticut’s lowest-performing district, and since its inception that school has also sent 100% of its graduates to four-year colleges!

Capital Prep has been recognized by US News & World Report as one of America’s Best High Schools. Dr. Perry’s uncompromising, no-excuses approach to education led to his being featured on CNN’s documentary “Black in America” and from there to an official role as a weekly education contributor to the network. His “Perry’s Principles” and other reportage, regularly seen on both Anderson Cooper 360 and American Morning, tackle the most contentious issues being debated in American education.

Dr. Perry is a columnist for Essence magazine and the author of the bestselling self-published book Man Up! and Push Has Come to Shove (Crown Publishing, Sept. 2011). He is also a nationally sought-after speaker who has appeared on hundreds of radio and television broadcasts and at education and cultural forums around the country.