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Food for a balanced diet

 Saturday I completed the Malibu Triathlon, Olympic distance. A total of a .9 mile swim,  25 mile bike ride, and a 6.2 mile run. It was a little bit of a logistical juggling act –  shipping the bike out to Los Angeles, flying out of New York,  making sure the bike arrived, and making sure it got put back together.  It would have been a BIG bummer if there had been a glitch with the bike and suddenly I would have been doing a bi-athlon.

I had a good race, and I met some amazing women.  For one woman, this was her first triathlon ever, and for the other, her first Olympic distance race.

As it relates to supporting good health and supporting the kind of race I just completed, wanted to talk about nutrition. Now, if you’re new to being active, to recap, please start slowly with building your fitness foundation and KISS yourself (Keep It Simple Sister) every day. Once you get your healthy system in place and are regularly incorporating activity into your lifestyle, please do set your sights on a challenging yourself by doing an endurance race. It’s an amazing, life-changing event.

Here are some good nutrition tips to support overall health and support your exercise program.

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