We Salute Amy Winehouse and Blue-Eyed Soul

by James Hill

October 27, 2016

Hard to believe but Amy Winehouse’s second album “Back to Black” was released 10 years ago today.

And if you’re like us, you rocked the HELL out of that album! “Rehab,” “Me & Mr. Jones,” “Tears Dry on Their Own,” the album is retro R&B by way of a soulful White British singer who channeled all types of soul, track by track.

Though some cry cultural appropriation when the fruits of our artistic blood, sweat and tears are used by others, we say if you do it as well as Amy did — appropriate away!

Speaking of which, we can think of at least 10 other artists of the Caucasian persuasion that we’d trust DJing our next house party and maybe even bringing their own mac and cheese to Thanksgiving.

TELL US: Did we miss any blue-eyed soul singers? Maybe rappers?