Mailbag Monday: He’s a Slob

Young woman cleaning kitchen

Dear Darling Nikki

Help!  My man is a slob. I thought living with him would be bliss…WRONG.

He wasn’t like this when we were dating. What happened?  I mean his sh*t is EVERYWHERE.  I don’t want to be the maid!




I hate to say it girlfriend but if that’s all your worried about, you got a winner!!!  If he’s treating you right and your happy then you just might have to suck it up.  I’m just saying! But I agree, you should not have to be anyone’s maid and having a dirty crib is NOT cute! 

I would suggest having a heart to heart with him and bring it to his attention.  Maybe he doesn’t realize how much of a SLOB he really is.   DARLING NIKKI  FACT:  Once people move in together I think they are more comfortable and let their guard down.  What he use to clean up in the beginning he probably pays no attention to now.  If his slob level is on 10 then fight fire with fire!  Tell him the atmosphere doesn’t put you in the mood and withhold your cookies for a while.  I bet you he gets out an apron, a vacuum and mop QUICK!

Last resort, tell him if he keeps it clean, you’ll wear a sexy maid outfit for him BUT not to actually do housework in.  Hopefully he will get the picture.  But he really doesn’t know until you tell him or lay down the rules.  And if THAT doesn’t work, stop cleaning ALL together!  He will get the point and then some!

Good luck!

Darling Nikki

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