Thieves Ram an Apple Store and Leave Plenty of Evidence

Texting on a touch screen phone

It seems like everything you could possibly do wrong during a burglary happened September 6 at an Apple store in Temecula, California.

Right after midnight September 6, police were alerted about an Apple store robbery. The thieves had run a BMW X5 SUV into the front glass. Once inside, three suspects picked up iPhones from a near-by display.

Note that the three thieves only picked up iPhones, and what’s even worse is these phones will soon be reduced to $99 being that the iPhone 5 is on sale today (September 21).

But wait there’s more!

While trying to get away from the crime scene, the thieves noticed two flats on their truck. They were only able to replace one tire and tried to fix the other with a bottle of stolen Fix-a-flat from a nearby convenience store.

Needless to say, after driving a truck through glass windows of course the tires weren’t an easy fix.

Police found the car’s license plate on the scene and a man with the keys to the BMW close by.

Lesson of the Day? Think people, think!