Required Viewing: Gary’s Petty Blind Date

by James Hill

November 8, 2016

With new episodes of Rickey Smiley for Real just days away, we wanted to look back at last season to make sure we were up to speed on the big pivot points. And we think we found three big moments that are crucial for any Rickey fan who is either new to the show or a seasoned vet. Stay tuned tomorrow for the next big moment!

Crucial Moment: After being set up by Rock T, Gary finally meets his younger, blind date and the pettiness could NOT be stopped.

Why Is It Important?: We all know Gary as the fabulous and flamboyant gossiper, but this scene gives a REAL taste for who Gary is — low-key cutting mixed high-octane sarcasm.

Crucial Quote: After his blind date refers to Gary as a third wheel on Juicy’s blind date, Gary shoots back “well when the fourth one is on flat it definitely won’t make it no better.”

YESTERDAY’S CRUCIAL MOMENT: Can Rickey and Ebony squash their beef?

TELL US: What did you think of that moment?