Required Viewing: Rickey Goes Old School on His Son

by James Hill

November 9, 2016

With new episodes of Rickey Smiley for Real just days away, we wanted to look back at last season to make sure we were up to speed on the big pivot points. And we think we found three big moments that are crucial for any Rickey fan who is either new to the show or a seasoned vet.

Crucial Moment: If you only saw ONE episode from last season this was the one. Things get physical during a heated confrontation between Rickey and his adopted son Craig after learning the boy lied to him several times.

Why Is It Important?: At his core, Rickey has always considered himself to be an “old-school parent” and for him that means whuppings. While he later told us he didn’t really give a damn what you thought about his parenting, we all knew this would be a pivotal moment for his family and his fans.

Crucial Quote: “Name one thing that your uncle paid for!” If you’re a parent, you can feel Rickey’s frustration dealing with a child who doesn’t seem to respect anything you do for them. You still love ’em, but sometimes . . . .


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