A Dinner for Two


I’m not sure how my ladies feel about paying for dates but I must admit that I have paid for a date or two in my lifetime, but this instance stands out above the rest. I should have left my wallet and big old heart at home. 

I’d been dating this guy Jeff for a minute and up until now he paid for all of our dates. He was the perfect gentleman, or so I thought. 

One night while talking to him on the phone, I realized that I hadn’t seen him in a week or so and I was really starting to miss him. I suggested we get together and then he kept it real. He told me he was broke. 

He went on to explain that his cash flow was “hurt” due to his car “Rashida” needing new “shoes” meaning tires. (Yes, his car was named Rashida). I blurted out without even thinking, “No problem. Let’s grab something to eat. MY TREAT.” 

Wow! I must have really been feeling this guy to let that roll off my tongue so quickly and the truth of the matter is, I was. I think it’s unrealistic to think that the man should pay for EVERYTHING especially if he is not a baller. 

I would like to think that I only date brothers that make six-figures, own multiple properties, are large-and-in-charge and pay for everything but I would be lying. That is not the case- at least not in my world. Don’t shoot me but I think it’s OK for a woman to pay EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE. 

Sidebar: My friend Ian says and I quote- “It’s hot for a woman to offer to pay once in a while.” 

Jeff and I end up at Unos (I love pizza!) and quickly surveyed the dinner menu. We both placed orders for pizza but I become curious when my pizza comes out first. ‘Where’s his,’ I thought. 

When his dish finally made it to the table I found out that HIS pizza was a FULL FAMILY LARGE when I ordered a personal size which is more than enough for a meal (comes with side salad, etc.). OK, he is a man and eats more but a WHOLE FAMILY SIZE pizza???? Really!??? Where do I find these nut jobs? Would he have ordered that if he was paying???? 

When I questioned him about his strange menu choice he didn’t blink an eye or even think about apologizing. He explained, without hesitation that he ordered THAT size so he would have LUNCH and DINNER for the NEXT DAY. 

Huh? Are you serious? On your girl’s dime? You loading up for day 2 and 3?!#**!!! I guess he really didn’t have NO MONEY or GROCERIES and I thought his actions were just plain TACKY. 

By the time the credit card bill came for our pizza date a few weeks later, I couldn’t even stomach talking to him again. 

I mean, I don’t mind paying every once in a while but don’t take advantage. I learned my lesson the hard way. If you agree to pay, you pay, you can’t demand that they only order for one person and don’t assume ANYTHING. 

TELL US: How Do You Feel About Women Paying For Dates? Is it a DO or a DON’T?