Happy Birthday Adina Howard!

by James Hill

November 14, 2016

In 1995, there was no Tinder. So if you wanted to let the world you were a proud freak, you kinda just had to tell people. Like, face-to-face.

So before you give folks like Kim K. and Amber Rose for being bold about their sexuality, first give it up for Adina Howard, who turns a sexy 43 today, because she put her business on front street with her smash hit (pun intended) “Freak Like Me.”

Since then, Howard has releases a string of albums, acted in a few movies and is a mother. But if you want to catch up on all of that, check out our FULL EPISODE of “Life After” where we caught up with the R&B singer to find out how “Freak Like Me” changed everything for her.