Fate — Friend or Foe?

What would you do if the guy that got away suddenly re-appeared? Well ladies, that’s exactly what happened to me.  Before I dish on my date with Mr. Perfect, I got to tell you how it went down from the beginning.

My bestie, Shawnie, begged me to go to a house party with her and I cringed at the idea.  Why would I want to spend a perfectly good Saturday night at a house party with her boring co-workers?  Since I didn’t have a better offer, I decided to go and make the best of it and am I glad I did.

I saw HIM shortly after I got there.  The HIM is the dude that got away in college. He possessed the 3 F’s –   FOOTBALL player, FINE and FOND of me!  Since I was involved at the time, I politely turned him down but always wondered…what if !? (Ladies- Don’t EVER burn a possible romantic BRIDGE).

Shawnie was just as excited when she realized who “HIM” was.  My entire crew thought I was crazy to not indulge in college because even Stevie Wonder could see the chemistry between us. Timing is everything, I guess and tonight, the clock was finally on my side!  Shawnie even gave me the go ahead to give up the cookies that night!  “Girl, you know him,” she said,” “This was meant to be.”  

I anxiously waited for him to spot me in the crowd. Was he married? Taken? Did he have a rack of kids? If not, was he still attracted to me?  I could only PRAY.

Then it happened.  He saw me and the sparks returned like no time had ever passed.

As luck would have it, this brotha was NOT MARRIED, had NO KIDS, had a JOB, looked exactly the same in college (no gut) and was geographically in my back pocket, living less than 5 miles away.  Although I didn’t take my bestie’s advice to jump his bones that night, I would be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about it. 

Fast forward to our first date.  Brunch.   An interesting choice, I thought.  I must admit, I haven’t had too many brunch dates.  I was impressed with his grown- man approach and eagerness to book my first available time slot (a lady can NEVER appear too available).  Despite the fact that he lived up the street he didn’t take the easy way out and invite me over or better yet, invite himself over.  He picked me up- ON TIME, opened ALL doors and the restaurant, like him, was top notch.  And if you’re wondering, he did pick up the check.

He was the perfect gentleman.  Although we talked for what seemed to be hours on the phone each evening leading up to our first date we found even more things to discuss at brunch. Not only was he FINE with a JOB, he had MANNERS and could hold a conversation.  There’s an urban myth that says Black men like this just don’t exist.    

I couldn’t believe I didn’t get with this brotha in college! I didn’t want to get ahead of myself but if this is what I missed out on, then I am glad I got a second chance to see this Black man and better yet, go out on a date.  

The date was near perfect but it was the daytime.  His next test – night time.  I sure hope he can pass because this brotha is worth keeping around, if for nothing else… eye candy. Did I tell you he was FINE?!?!

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