Several Thoughts: Insecure Season Finale

by TV One Staff

November 28, 2016

If it weren’t for getting picked up for a second season, the season finale of Insecure would have come as a complete devastation.


Even then, the last episode of season 1 still left us all in our feelings, or as the kids say: “in our bag.”

Here are 10 things we were thinking at the close of a wonderfully awkward and Black chapter.

1. So we’ve all been there. We’ve managed to piss off bae and our BFF at the same time and we’re getting the cold shoulder/silent treatment. Now we’re living in the land of the lonely (sigh).

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2. Showing up to anyone’s job unannounced is bad enough, but doing so when they’re already mad at you? You’re practically begging to be cursed out.

3. Its always a blessing to have a group of friends that can take our mind off whatever is really bothering us. We can all relate to the “girl’s trip” and “guy’s night out.

4. We all have that one ride-or-die best friend who manages to pull through for us no matter how muddy the friendship gets. Molly is that ride-or die. Consistently.


5. Who else screamed aloud when Kelli said this line?

6. How revealing was Lawrence’s economical reality check after having a little too much fun with the stripper during his “Guy’s Night Out?” Ain’t nothing free.

7. Are they ever going to get rid of that damn “bouch?”


8. Maybe it isn’t the best idea to tell your boyfriend (that you recently cheated on) that your house is currently vacant. Just us?



9. LAWRENCE IS #TEAMPETTY CAPTAIN! Did he really leave his Best Buy shirt as a painful reminder that Issa messed up a good thing with a once-loyal brotha on the come-up? Ouch! That’s a petty sting felt around the world.

10. You know it’s a good show when you feel like the chain of events is literally happening to you.

Job well done, Issa!

TELL US: What was your favorite moment of the Insecure season finale?