Rihanna Wants No Parts of Beyoncé Beef

by TV One Staff

December 8, 2016

From the beginning of Rihanna‘s rise to stardom, there has been a secret desire for her to be at odds with Beyoncé.

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Rihanna, on the other hand, has never been here for it.

After the news of Grammy nominations spread across the internet like wildfire, a few die-hard members of the Rihanna Navy felt that the Bajan pop star wasn’t given her just due and that Bey was the blame for her being “snubbed” from certain categories like Album of The Year, etc.

 After Rihanna liked the post, fans of both stars went wild, thinking that Rihanna shared the same sentiment. Rih later reveals that she failed to read the caption and thought the picture itself was funny:

TELL US: Why do you think people want Rihanna and Beyonce to be rivals so badly?