Was ASATT Inspired By White Men?

by TV One Staff

December 9, 2016

Truth be told, we were happy to see (our homegirl in our head) Solange get at least one Grammy nod for “Cranes In the Sky”, a standout and lead single on A Seat At the Table.

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And yes, the album is a reminder that there is more than one talented Knowles sister, but what really drew us close was its relatable Afrocentric undertone and lyrics. This was indeed, for us, by one of our own.

Solo recently did an interview where she revealed that she began to dive deep into the writing of this album after two Caucasian (honestly, truly) men negatively responded to her tweet that “white journalists who talk about R&B should know who Brandy is.” The journalists invited her to an interview, Solo declined, and they basically told her to not “bite the hand that feeds you.”

Huffington Post quotes Solange:

“That was kind of the turning point in the transition for me writing the album that is now ‘A Seat at the Table.’ I began to think a lot about that conversation and replaying it, and it haunted me. And it haunted my mother to hear someone telling her daughter ‘don’t bite the hand that feeds you.’ And also the racial subtleties—[that] are not so subtle—of what that encompasses when you say that to a black woman. Then you connect it by saying ‘Do you know who’s buying your records?’ So I was essentially being told to shut up.”

Listen to her full podcast interview with Helga Davis:

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