Mayweather To Slap UFC Fighter “On Sight”

by TV One Staff

December 15, 2016

At this point, Floyd Mayweather is very aware that he is a source of entertainment for all of us.


And truth be told, we’re a bit more tolerant of the arrogance and showiness of the retired undefeated champion because, well, he’s just that good—in the world of boxing, that is.

With much more time on his hands, Mayweather has been able to fuel the tension brewing with mixed martial artist, Conor McGregor, taking to Instagram Live (which we’re not so sure about yet) to say that he will slap the UFC fighter the minute he sees him: (Caution: Explicit language)

Hmmmm… we don’t know about this one.

Will Mayweather be coming out of retirement (in the world of UFC) to deliver on his promise?

TELL US: Who do you think will win in a street brawl? Mayweather or McGregor?