Village Voice: ‘Sherman Hemsley Was A Gay! Deal With It!’

In what I’m sure will ruffle feathers – arguably intentionally so – longtime Village Voice gossip columnist Michael Musto offered some pointed commentary about the death of Sherman Hemsley Indeed, Musto doesn’t care for the way many have described one aspect of Sherman’s life and in a recent column tried to confirm some people’s suspicions — and offer his own accusations.

Musto wrote:

     Nobody sputtered more comically than Sherman Hemsley, the enjoyably oafish and scheming George Jefferson from the classic sitcom The Jeffersons.

     I was sad to hear that he died last week.

     I was also horrified to hear him referred to over and over as “a lifelong bachelor.”

     What is this, Merv Griffin all over again?

     Um, he was gay.

     Is that so horrible to come out and say?

     Nope, not at all.

     A friend of mine even notes that he knew hustlers that tricked with Sherman!

     Yes, he paid for it!

     Love it!

     I guess it was only his character who was cheap.

I imagine his inner gossip couldn’t resist a quip about tricks. Nevertheless, maybe there’s a reason why Sherman didn’t say anything? Even if it weren’t a surprise to people. I get iffy on people outing those who are typically harmless (as in not being a closeted gay who works to vilify or make life difficult for other gay). Should Michael have kept this to himself or did the media need correcting?

What’s your spin?