Women of Music-Klymaxx

It’s the summer of women on TV One!

Check back each week for a new “Women of Music” profile this summer. This week, it’s all about the feminist funksters who held their own as the 80’s female funk band named Klymaxx.  This girl power group held their own during what many say was the end of the Funk era.

If Unsung’s Con Funk Shun’s infectious grooves make you want to get up and dance then you can’t help but recognize the undeniable talent of this all female band.  This extra-ordinary group of ladies proved that a funk band is not just for men.  They sang funk but they also played funk.  It seemed like this group couldn’t be touched as their hits soared their way up the music charts but just like Con Funk Shun the strains of success began to take its toll.


Group:                     Klymaxx

Group Members: Bernadette Cooper/Drummer & Vocalist ; Lorena Porter (Stewart)/Vocalist;

Joyce Irby/Bassist; Cheryl Cooley/Guitarist; Lynn Malsby/Keyboardest and

Robbin Grider/Keyboardist

Style:                       R & B/Funk

Best Known Song:  Meeting In The Ladies Room

Secret Weapon:      All Female Funk Band That Could Sing and Play Instruments

Hits:                         Men All Pause

Meeting In The Ladies Room

I Miss You

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