Mariah Responds to NYE Performance Critics

by TV One Staff

January 3, 2017

When it comes to the legendary Mariah Carey we have a few expectations:

1. Stellar vocals (and that fluttery thing she does with her hand when she hits those whistle notes)

2. The usual diva attire (a fur coat with a glass of champagne)

3. Excellent lighting

During her New Year’s Eve performance at Times Square only two of three expectations were met. Not only was Mimi lip-synching for most of the performance, she seemed disconnected from the entire experience…and did she just plain give up towards the end?

This was obviously not Mariah’s most glamorous performance and the internet made sure she was aware, giving their critique via alleged rival Jennifer Lopez.

JLo giving some strong advice to Mariah & her messy performance ??#JLo #JenniferLopez #MariahCarey

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Of course, when you have the status, fame, and coins of Mariah not much can keep you down. Take a look at the diva’s humorous response:

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