Bobby Brown Denies Near-Death Rumors

by TV One Staff

January 10, 2017

Bobby Brown is trying to shutdown the rumor mill after claims that the he was knocking on death’s door during the holidays. Circulating rumors suggested that his intestines exploded due to years of drug use, which promoted an urgent blood transfusion.

But in an interview with People Magazine, the 47-year-old dismisses the chatter as lies.

People make up a lot of different stories about me. But, as you can see, I’m fine, and handsome, and healthy,” says Brown.

The unfortunate rumors surfaced after a source told Radar Online that it was a miracle Bobby didn’t die after doctors said he had just over a liter blood left in his system. The source also claimed that Brown still hadn’t come to terms with the loss of his daughter, #Bobbi Kristina, and that coupled with the loss of Whitney was the ultimate breaking point.

Rumor or not — we’re just thankful he wasn’t a casualty of 2016.

TELL US: Spill the real tea. Do you think the the rumors about Bobby Brown’s health are true?