Teen Finds Finger in Fast Food

Elevated View of a Tray With Fries, a Hot Dog and Cola

(Originally published on 05.26.2012)

This story is too nasty to not pass along, but if you just sat down to enjoy a McDouble or other fast-food fare, you might want to put it down for a minute.

A teenager in Michigan recently stopped in at his local Arby’s for a junior roast beef and got an extra item added to his sandwich … a human finger. The 14-year-old told the local newspaper he’d consumed most of his meal before biting into the rubbery digit and wanted to puke upon its discovery. I am right there with you, kid.

After reporting the found finger to the Arby’s manager, it was discovered an employee lost it on the meat slicer and ran off without telling anyone what happened. In Arby’s defense, this could have happened at any drive-thru establishment and this is exactly why you should always check the food before eating it. If you think an underpaid and under-appreciated fast-food worker prepares your meal like your mama does, and cares about your food more than their own finger, think again and inspect your sandwich!

The teen’s mother hasn’t said whether she plans to sue the popular chain, but she has retained a lawyer.