Side Hustle: Will Smith

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Will Smith is arguably the biggest star in the world. But Philly’s favorite son stays on his business grind, onscreen and off: Television. Film. Sports. Technology. Music. You name the game, and Will Smith is a major player in it, racking up more monstrous hits than the Phillies’ Hall-of-Famer Mike Schmidt. How’s this for business acumen:

Producer hustle: His Overbrook Entertainment production company smartly buys the rights to books they want to turn into movies. As a producer, he’s responsible for a slew of hit films (ATL, I Am Robot, Seven Pounds, Hancock, Lakeview Terrace, The Karate Kid, The Pursuit of Happyness, etc.) and television (executive producing The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, All of Us and wife Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Hawthorne). He and Jada have also partnered with Simon Cowell to produce an international music competition series based on finding the dopest DJ in the world (please holla at your boy DJ Jazzy Jeff!) and executive producing a new talk show for Queen Latifah (who’s crazy with her side hustle game too!).

Business mogul hustle: He teams up with fellow big time businessman Jay-Z on the regular–from investing in Carol’s Daughter cosmetic company, to co-producing the mega-successful Broadway show, Fela! The Musical (now touring the country), and most recently, the video-sharing app Viddy.

Dadager hustle: The career-shaping of his seedlings started with his eldest son, Jaden Smith, who made his acting debut as Will’s son in The Pursuit of Happyness. (What a stretch!) Dad then executive-produced Jaden’s star vehicle in the remake of The Karate Kid. Now, Will is managing daughter Willow’s budding music career as well as her acting, as she’s starring in another remake of a classic, the musical Annie. (His patna Jay-Z is behind this one too).

Sequel hustle: Will knows how to make  a blockbuster, and keep an audience coming back for more. In addition to MIB3 from this past summer, he’s got sequels to Hancock, I Am Legend, Karate Kid, Bad Boys and I Am Robot slated for production in the next few Earth cycles.

Sports hustle: Did we mention he and Jada are also part-owners of the Philadelphia 76ers? Baller, shot-caller–from the owner’s box.

Face it: Will Smith’s fingers and toes are in so many pots, it’s hard to keep up with all he’s cooking. But his influence is spreading quicker than bird flu. Think parents finally understand? You don’t have to be the President to run the world.