Black Twitter Does The Most Over Beyoncé Pregnancy

by TV One Staff

February 2, 2017

Beyoncé’s pregnancy announcement sent the internet on fire...and before we had time to recover from the original frenzy, Bey filled our timelines with a new batch of Venus-inspired pregnancy photos:

According to sources, Beyoncé now holds the title for first Instagram post to garner more than 7.2 million likes in less than 24 hours.

But now, back to Black Twitter. Who is responsible for the following?

I’m cryinggg ??? #beyoncépregnant #ciaratoo #beyonce #ciara

A photo posted by celebteanews (@celebteanews) on

????? The Internet is undefeated…. #beyoncé #beyoncè #beyoncépregnant #beyonce

A photo posted by Kenny Mjunia Gitama (@kenny_gitama) on

Congratulations, guys!! ? #beyoncépregnant #beyoncePregnancy

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Blue Ivy’s Life Right Now ? ????? #struggle #beyoncépregnant #moneytroubles

A photo posted by • J A Z • (@jazstigram) on

Too soon fa this y’all!!!! Please leave it ?? #beyoncé #jayz #beyoncétwins

A photo posted by Devon (@beyancastyle) on

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