5 Tips To Nail A First Date

by Kwin Mosby

February 7, 2017

We know heading out on your first date can be an absolutely nerve-wracking experience. What to wear, what to say, will you get along with him, and so many other questions yet to be answered. So before you take the plunge into the game of dating, we wanted to make sure you have a few tips to think about before you embark on that scary first date.

1. Pick the Perfect Outfit

Yeah, it probably wouldn’t be the best impression to bust out on a first date with a ‘freak-em’ dress a la Beyoncé, but make sure you’re wearing something that expresses who you are. First impressions are everything. And sexy doesn’t mean showing all your naughty bits. Accentuate the positive in a conservative way. And so you don’t give him the impression that you’re high maintenance, give yourself an extra 30 minutes to get ready, so you don’t have to rush or make him wait.

2. Don’t Talk About Past Relationships

We’ve all had to make the dreaded return back into the dating world, but nothing will make a first date more awkward than striking up a convo with him about your ex-beau. And don’t even think about mentally comparing the two — old guy versus new guy. Don’t go there. Let God, let go! No one wants to start off a first date with drama. Trust and believe.

3. Stick to Safe Conversation Topics

Get to know him. Chatting over dinner or during a fun activity can always help you learn more about your date. Safe topics include the weather, last night’s episode of Unsung, or ask questions that will help you determine if he’s the right match for you. Even surface questions about friends and family can help you gauge how he treats the people around him… and ultimately you. Notice that we said surface questions or conversation.

Try to avoid talking about the crazy relatives or sex, which may include questions about his STD history. Dial it back, boo. They are interesting or important topics to talk about at some point, but not on a first date. And if you decide to go there… don’t say we didn’t warn you. Think about the questions you ask before they roll of your tongue.

4. Suggest Paying for the Check (THIS IS ONLY A TEST)

If you’re dining out for your first date, we recommend suggesting to go dutch, and pay for your own meal. If he says he’ll pay for it, then you’ve got a keeper, but if he’s OK with you paying for your own meal, then you may want to rethink that second date. We equate this to going out with a good friend. Always be gracious with only the intent to pay. If it is indeed a good date, he’ll step up and pay. Chivalry is not dead, but he will be to us if he’s not picking up the check.

5. Secure an Emergency Life Line

In case of an emergency, break the glass… and jet. This is not “Who Wants to be a Millionaire,” but your friend or close relative could potentially be your life line — pulling your a$$ to safety if you experience rough waters during the first date. Always have a back-up plan just in case he gets a little out of control or the date is not going well.  No one wants to be trapped on a first date that’s going nowhere quick. Just have your emergency route ready, “Wait, is that my phone ringing?”

TELL US: What helpful tip or tips would you give to first-time daters?