Jazz Singer Al Jarreau Dies at 76

by James Hill

February 12, 2017

Music heads, today is truly a mixed bag of emotions.

While you could be excited that Prince‘s music catalog is streaming again for the first time in two years or that A Tribe Called Quest is performing at the Grammys, you must also hang your head in recognition of the passing of a giant — Al Jarreau.

CNN reports that the award-winning vocalist (best known for the theme song to TV’s “Moonlighting” and “We’re In This Love Together”) was announced dead at the age of 76 Sunday morning just a few days after announcing his retirement on social media.

The singer, who also participated in the smash “We Are the World,” had been hospitalized this week for exhaustion but was believed to be doing better before the devastating news.

Jarreau was said to be surrounded by his family and friends at the time of his death.

We’re just going to say it right now, he needs an Unsung episode right? If you agree, post #unsungaljarreu.

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