Court Sides With Bill Cosby in Defamation Case

by TV One Staff

February 17, 2017

If you’re wondering about an update on Bill Cosby, we have one.

With all the legal woes faced in the past few years, the once revered comedian and actor finally catches a break.

Former actress Katherine McKee made claims that Cosby defamed her after his representatives demanded  a retraction  on a 2014 New York Daily News story where McKee alleged that Cosby raped her in a Detroit hotel in 1974.

According to sources, Judge Mark Mastroianni ruled that McKee didn’t adequately prove that Cosby defamed her and the case was thrown out.

As you already know, McKee isn’t the first to sue Cosby. Several women have come forward with allegations, eight of which are suing for defamation in Massachusetts, where Cosby owns a home.

The beloved father on “The Cosby Show” is currently on trial in Pennsylvania, where he has pleaded ‘Not guilty’ to sexually assaulting a former employee at Temple University.

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