The Shade is Strong with Maxine Waters

by James Hill

February 23, 2017

Before we share with you Representative Maxine Waters‘ epic breakdown of the Trump Administration’s connections with Russia and its ruthless leader Vladimir Putin, let us first share with you our REACTIONS to her breakdown so you can get ready.

OK! So here’s what happened: Waters went on MSNBC’s show “All In with Chris Hayes” and apparently took the title seriously. She commenced to read off a list of troublesome people within Trump’s close circle (and the White House!) who have been a little too cozy with the country that launched a hacking campaign to help him win the White House.

To be clear, at 1:52 Waters literally turns into your petty aunt when she dons glasses so she can better read off the shade surrounding the president.

Did we mention that she called those in Trump’s circle — including the current Secretary of State Rex Tillerson — a “bunch of scumbags?”


Here, just watch it.

We’ve saved the last reaction from Representative Waters herself:

TELL US: Are you as concerned about the President’s ties to Russia as Waters is?