Chance the Rapper + “Get Out” = Amazing

by James Hill

February 28, 2017

As $30 million at the box office proves, we’re all BIG fans of “Get Out”Jordan Peele’s inventive horror flick that shows America how frightening modern-day racism feels to so many of us (don’t forget, we were geeking about the movie when we saw the trailer last year).

However, there may not be any bigger fan than Chance the Rapper who . . . well, see his tweet from this weekend and be prepared to feel ALL the feels!


OK, first. The whole “Black man supporting another Black man” vibe makes us want to hug the next brotha we see.

Second, the idea of Chance wanting to share this film with literally ANYONE in Chicago with a Twitter account is such a radical form of Black socialism our heads are still spinning! Granted this an exceptional movie, but imagine Chance doing this same thing with library books or vegetables or any other more crucial need some in our community lack.

Apparently, the philanthropy was contagious because soon after, this tweet dropped.


DAMN YOU, SENSITIVE RAPPERS! We show our respect with a stiff-lipped, emotional power clap!

TELL US: Did you see “Get Out?” What did you think of it?