Don Cheadle vs. Donald Trump!

by James Hill

March 6, 2017

Remember last week when we highlighted the unmitigated shade Representative Maxine Waters threw at President Donald Trump?

Apparently, that was an appetizer to the weapons-grade shade actor Don Cheadle had saved up and unleashed via Twitter this weekend. Check. This. Out (BTW, pretty harsh language is included here).


The “him” he’s referring to is Trump and no, Cheadle wasn’t done, especially when folks started asking for receipts.



We’re gonna need a minute here to let that marinate.

OK! So, just to be clear, Cheadle is alleging that Donald Trump once asked his friend’s father if he’d ever, um, had relations with a “nigger.” Obviously, we can’t prove or disprove this claim any more than we can get our hands on the “amazing” evidence Trump claimed his Hawaiian investigators were finding about President Obama’s birth certificate.

Despite a flurry of angry tweets, the actor stands by his story.

TELL US: Do you believe Cheadle or should he have presented more evidence before making such a huge claim?