About: For My Woman

by TV One Staff

March 6, 2017

Relationships can be intoxicating… with an emphasis on toxic. For some men, the women in their lives are like a drug they just can’t quit, even if the high lands them behind bars for decades to come.

Whether it’s their mothers, sisters, lovers or a close friend, men have robbed for acceptance, killed to avenge and kidnapped to make a special lady happy.

For My Woman  is a  true crime series that features the salacious and shocking stories of men, and a handful of women, who have been arrested for a crime they did in the name of loyalty.  From a three-state killing spree, to a mortuary that becomes a house of horrors, and from murdering a cheating spouse, to a string of robberies to keep their love in finery, these individuals have no limits as to how far they’ll go for the women in their lives.

Every episode is a relationship gone very, very wrong. As greed, possessiveness, manipulation, and desperation begin to set in, these men fall deeper and deeper under the control of their loved one-turned-puppet master. Every story escalates to a major crime (or a series of crimes) that places our subjects behind bars. Beware! You’re in for a pulse-pounding experience!