How Black Women Fit Into #adaywithoutawoman

by James Hill

March 8, 2017

Was traffic a little light today? The break room a little empty?

It could be that your female co-workers decided to take to the streets today as part of #adaywithoutawoman protests, part of International Women’s Day.

Starting in 1908 around the issues of equal pay and the right to vote, this day marks a yearly recognition of progress and struggle. But every fight isn’t felt equally.

As we saw in the massive January Women’s March which protested the election of President Trump, women of color were not afraid to let their feelings be known — namely that while they voted over 90% against Trump, white women (who showed up in force at the march) overwhelmingly voted FOR the President.

While speaking on Viceland’s “Desus and Mero” show, Tracey Clayton from Buzzfeed’s “Another Round” laid it out like this: “I feel like whenever there’s like a ‘woman’s issue’ that brings white women out in droves, I’m like ya’ll got it, cause ya’ll showed up, ya’ll ready. I know that there’s a front line elsewhere where my black folks [are], where I’m needed more because ya’ll not going to show up for us.”

Not to mention, everyone may not have the luxury of NOT showing up to work today.

TELL US: Are you participating in today’s protests by NOT going to work?