#GaryFromChicago Says Jimmy Kimmel “Sold Him Out”

by TV One Staff

March 8, 2017

Ya’ll remember #GaryfromChicago?

If you were watching this year’s Oscars, you most likely do.

#GaryfromChicago’s (full name Gary Allan Cole) epic appearance on the 89th Academy Awards garnered him a lot of attention, some positive, and some not so much. Not too long after his cameo, stories of his criminal record hit the press, many stories stating different reasons why he went to prison. He recently sat with The Tom Joyner Morning Show to discuss why he was in prison for 20 years and how he felt Jimmy Kimmel “sold him out” by not following through with an interview on his show after false accusations hit the media.

He mentions he is currently looking for a lead on a job opportunity:

“I’m just trying to get a job. I spent the last two decades of my life in prison for petty theft. They’re making this out to be a plantation in California. I have to get my California ID and social security card. Finding a job is mandatory, there’s no way you can’t not get a job.”

Listen to the full interview below:

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