LAPD Apologizes for Arresting Wyclef Jean

by James Hill

March 22, 2017

Looks like “Mr. Someone please call 9-1-1…” is making another emergency call.

Singer/songwriter/Fugee Wyclef Jean was recently arrested and handcuffed IN FRONT OF HIS DAUGHTER by the Los Angeles Police Department only to receive an apology today from the LAPD for wrongful arrest because he “matched the description” of someone they were looking for.

“It is unfortunate that Mr. Jean was detained for six minutes during this investigation, as he had no involvement whatsoever in this violent crime . . . The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is apologetic for any inconvenience this process caused Mr. Jean.”

Did you peep the low-key shade the LAPD threw at your boy with that “six minutes” mess? Even LL Cool J could see that from way back in 1987!

As a reminder, Wyclef had tweeted footage of the arrest tape so the world could see what an “inconvenience” looks like:

TELL US: Do you know anyone who got detained for “matching the description?”