Cathy Hughes and Alfred Liggins Honored at Philly African American Museum

by James Hill

March 24, 2017

Before the Smithsonian unveiled its African American Museum last year, one of the best places to appreciate our history, dreams, and accomplishments was the African American Museum in Philadelphia. Celebrating its 40th year, the museum is throwing a huge gala tonight and they’re honoring Radio One Founder Cathy Hughes and Radio One CEO Alfred C. Liggins III. Tonight, is a celebration of their careers, their legacy and their willingness to give back to the African American community.

THAT’S what we’re talking about!

According to the “Philadelphia Tribune,” the museum’s CEO Patricia Wilson Aden said:

“Their philanthropy offers a model that we hope other people here in Philadelphia will take a look at. . . Cathy Hughes and Radio One have been very generous in their support of Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture.”

Additionally, she said “They are very generous in their support of HBCUs. So, these are people who have gained a certain position in their lives and they have decided to give back to African-American cultural communities, and I think that is very exciting.”

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