Elise Neal


Once in Los Angeles, Elise Neal landed the role of Janice Sinclair on the ABC soap opera Loving. Shortly after she made the leap to primetime on seaQuest 2032, as fighter pilot Lieutenant J.J. Fredericks. Her film debut was a starring role in John Singleton’s Rosewood. Other film credits include: Paid in Full, Money Talks, Mission to Mars, Restaurant and Hustle and Flow.  Neal and the rest of the cast of Hustle and Flow were nominated for a Screen Actors Guild award for best ensemble, an NAACP award for Best Picture, and won as Best Cast at the Young Hollywood awards. She has three NAACP award nominations: Best Actress in a Comedy for The Hughleys twice and a Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture for Hustle and Flow.

Her Belle’s character, Jil Cooper is a hard-working divorced mom, striving to hold her family and their restaurant together.  Jill is determined to have it all while trying to balance her out of control life. She works hard to be a responsible business manager for Belle’s, a great mother to her pre-teen daughter Pam, and a good role model for her fickle, younger sister, Loreta.  She is the one person who can put her father, Big Bill in his place, but it is not an easy task!

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