Biographical Musical On Pharrell In The Works

by TV One Staff

March 28, 2017

We say this time and time again, but we love a good biopic! There’s something about watching our favorite artists and celebrities overcome challenges to become who they are now that fascinates us. Perhaps these kinds of films remind us that, we too, can overcome real-life hurdles in order to reach our greatest potential.

As much as it makes sense, we never expected Pharrell Williams to be next in line for a biopic, let alone a musical:

According to sources, Fox has signed on to produce the movie musical, which will merge Williams’ childhood in Virginia Beach with a “Romeo and Juliet-style story.” And best believe, Pharrell will have the most qualified people involved. Tony-award winning film and stage director, Michael Mayer, is already in place to lead the charge.

Seeing Pharrell’s story on screen in this colorful way, has us thinking about other celebrity musicals we would watch:

TELL US: What other celebrity musicals would you watch?