Why is Jimmie Walker Dating Ann Coulter?

by James Hill

April 5, 2017

First, give us a moment.

WHEW, OK! Now, what would possess Jimmie Walker, a man who delights us daily on “Good Times,” to be dating right-wing pundit Ann Coulter?

Well, Walker’s views DO skew conservative. He voted for Ronald Reagan, opposes Affirmative Action, gay marriage and didn’t think Barack Obama was a good President.

Fine. But that doesn’t answer why he might/could/probably is dating Ann Coulter. Why not? Here’s a choice selection of things she’s said in the last few years:

  1. While appearing on “Real Time with Bill Maher” in 2015 she said this in regards to Mexican immigration and the labor force — “We didn’t need 30 million Mexicans, we already had African Americans . . . and we already had the Puerto Ricans.”
  2.  When Donald Trump picked South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley — who is Indian American — Coulter tweeted this: “If Trump wants an Indian Sec of State, how about Tonto?”
  3. While talking to Sean Hannity she had this to say about African American conservatives vs. those that were liberal — ” . . . our blacks are so much better than their blacks.”

Really, J.J.? REALLY?

Still, this wouldn’t be the first couple that had us scratching our heads. Take a look at five others that had us like: 



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