Are You Too Old To Use the “B” Word?

If you find yourself using the “B” word day in and day out and are sick and tired of being sick and tired then this article is for you.  Get your mind out the gutter – I’m not talking about that “B” word.  The “B” word I’m referring to is “boyfriend.”

Are grown women too old to use this term of endearment?

At 12, it was cute when you passed notes and asked someone to check the boyfriend box.  At 17 it was mature when you could use the term freely in front of your family and your boyfriend took you to the prom.  Fast forward to your true grown years and if you are still using the “B” word and fed up, you are not alone!

I personally find the word juvenile.  When I looked in the mirror this morning I saw a full grown woman looking back at me not a school girl.  I have the bills, life experience and even a few grey hairs to prove it.  So why am I still using a term I used as a teen?  At this stage in life isn’t everybody you date or in a relationship with a potential mate or life partner?

I guess the term “boyfriend” suffices if you break down the meaning.  Your man is a boy so-to-speak and he is your friend.  But wouldn’t that term better serve a platonic male friendship rather than the man you are sleeping with?  

Other terms I’ve heard thru the years include; “friend-with-benefits” and just plain “friend.”  I think they are both tacky!*#! The term “friend-with-benefits” is just straight putting your business on “front street” and alludes that you have no type of commitment. Would you use that phrase when introducing your significant other to your family or business associates?  I hope not.  The term “friend” is just so generic.  I would be offended if the tables were turned and he introduced me as a “friend” but I do find myself seeing this term more acceptable for the mature crew.

If you can’t shake past the “boyfriend” title like me, you are not alone.  I try to avoid the “B” word at all cost but maybe it’s not about titles at all.  At the end of the day, perhaps the most important thing is how he makes you feel and how the two of you complement each other?