Man Sues R. Kelly Over Wife’s Alleged Affair

by Krystal Franklin

April 27, 2017

This may or may not be hard to believe, but a Mississippi man is suing R. Kelly for allegedly having an affair with his wife. The result? Financial loss, emotional heartache and your old run-of-the-mill chlamydia.

In the court document, Kenny Bryant alleges his wife Asia Childress had a years-long relationship with the singer before their wedding in 2012 and has suffered from “an alienation of affection.”

And about that sexually transmitted disease? The lawsuit states, “Childress was treated for chlamydia…she contracted this sexual disease from her extramarital relationship with R. Kelly.”

Bryant also claims that Childress convinced him to relocate from Mississippi to Georgia to further her career, when in reality, he said the move was so she could be closer to Kelly.

If Kelly’s concerts are any indication, the ladies definitely like to be up close and personal with the R&B superstar.

TELL US: Do you think this will hold up in court?

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