The Real Reason We’re Not Feeling the “Kappa” Wedding


The infamous red and white wedding that recently circulated the social media sphere is getting a lot of hateration and not just for the reasons you think.  Three-hundred and forty thousand YouTube views later, this couple is more popular than Barbie and Ken!

If you think all this blah blah blah is because it is a same sex couple, think again.  I think this elaborate red & white wedding caught the attention of social media and even our favorite morning talk shows for more than just that.

For my single ladies who have been searching for love and commitment high and low while kissing frogs for years in the hope that their prince shows up SOON can’t help but look at such an elaborate affair and wonder…really? When will it be my turn?!?  For my sisters who are engaged and planning or who’s relationship has come to a HAULT since the proposal, what I call anextended contract,” have to see this wedding and want to nudge their mate or throw up – take your pick. 

It’s only natural that some people would have that reaction.  The couple, Nathanael Gay and Robert Brown are easy on the eyes, educated and both have professional occupations. To put it bluntly, they are what many Black women say they can’t find.  Nathanael and Robert are "BMWs" (Black Men Working) so-to-speak.  When you factor in the number of Black men that are not dead, in prison, married or just not interested, “BMWs” are a high commodity.  To add fuel to the fire, another "BMW" recently jumped the broom with his male mate (famous fitness trainer Shaun T and creator of INSANITY)  but this celeb didn’t receive the same infamous coverage of the red and white wedding.  Is that because his nupitals weren’t as elaborate or perhaps he simply kept it private?

As far as the fraternity tie in, that was blown out of proportion.  Nathanael Gay is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. but his partner, Robert Brown is not.   Gay also called into the Tom Joyner Morning Show to get out the real facts surrounding his same sex nuptials.  We can’t be mad at him because he is a member of the historical Black Greek-letter organization, Kappa Alpha Psi, known for attracting astute men for leadership.  There are gay members in all organizations whether people want to admit it or not, Black Greek-letter groups included.

The wedding photos that were leaked did showcase a happy couple and a beautiful affair.   You can’t help but notice the smiles!  Family, friends and even some of Gay’s fraternity members celebrated in the couple’s union.  But unfortunately, some people simply can’t stand to see other people happy. 

My question to the couple is WHO THE HECK LEAKED THE PHOTOS? Hmm…a little shady if you asked me.  If all in attendance were there in LOVE then that simply shouldn’t have happened.  If it was an honest mistake, someone should have had enough sense to realize that same sex marriage photos are not quite Cosby Show quaint dinner conversation and would cause a stir. 

LESSON LEARNED:  Double and triple check your guest list at ANY function, especially your wedding.  You don’t want to be “Whitney-fied” and have someone leaking your photos and poking fun behind your back.  (SIDE EYE:  Remember Whitney’s casket photo showing up on the cover of a tabloid. Disgusting!)

Good luck to the happy couple, Nathanael and Robert.  If you two can get thru this foolishness, then the sky’s the limit! And ladies, don’t GIVE UP HOPE.  Your red and white wedding day (or whatever color you choose) just might be around the corner.

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