Delta Kicks Man Off Plane For Using Restroom

by TV One Staff

April 27, 2017

Look, when you gotta go, you gotta go!

This was the sentiment of a man (yes, he was Black) who was kicked off a Delta Airlines flight for having to use the restroom at the “wrong time.”

According to The Root, on a flight traveling from Atlanta to Milwaukee,  Kima Hamilton realized he needed to use the restroom while the plane was still on the tarmac preparing for takeoff. When he attempted to go, he was told by a flight attendant that if he left his seat, the plane would lose its takeoff spot. He complied, but after waiting an additional 30 minutes, he couldn’t wait any longer. Once he returned to his seat, the pilot decided to remove him from the plane. When he refused, the pilot had all passengers exit the plane, and then board again without Hamilton, who also had FBI agents waiting for him.

Although Hamilton was not arrested and Delta did refund part of his ticket, he was left spending three times the original amount to get a ticket on Southwest Airlines.

These airlines are getting out of hand! What’s next? No eating or drinking?

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