Chicago Artist Under Fire For Michelle Obama Mural

by Krystal Franklin

April 27, 2017

Chris Devins is under fire for “his” mural of Michelle Obama.

You’d think a painting in Chicago honoring the former First Lady would garner praise and admiration, but for Devins, he’s received the total opposite.

Murmurings online accused Devins of copying the image from Rhode Island art student Gelila Mesfin, who posted the image to her Instagram in 2016.

Look familiar?

News of “Devins’ artwork” surprised Mesfin, too. She took to social media to explain her frustrations.

Devins insists he had no idea the image he painted belonged to anyone and has since credited Mesfin for her work. He has also offered to pay a licensing fee.

Take a look at just some of Mesfins’ amazing collection below.

TELL US: Do you believe Devins or is this yet another issue of ripping off Black folks thinking no one would notice?

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