Treach Slams Ex-Wife Pepa Online

by Krystal Franklin

May 1, 2017

Although Treach and Pepa have been divorced nearly 20 years, the Naughty-By-Nature front-man appears to just be coming to terms with the ending of his nuptials.  Treach (real name Anthony Criss) went on a name-calling spree in an Instagram post (click through to see the entire rant) directed at the Salt-N-Pepa emcee’s 2008 autobiography Let’s Talk About Pep.

He has since deleted the post, but it leaves us wondering what triggered this type of response from the 46-year-old rapper, especially since the two seemed to be getting along, being photographed at events together and even appearing in their daughter Egypt’s reality show Growing Up Hip Hop.

Maybe we’re due for a When A Woman’s Fed Up remix.  Somebody get R. Kelly on the phone.

TELL US: Since when has airing your dirty laundry on social media ever proven successful? 

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