Roland Martin’s Response To Officer-Involved Shootings Is Pretty Epic

by Krystal Franklin

May 3, 2017

This week has been rough. From the Department of Justice’s decision to not bring charges against the officers involved in Alton Sterlings death to the Texas police officer who murdered 15-year-old Jordan Edwards because he thought the car was driving backwards, fleeing the scene of a house party (officer Roy Oliver was on the scene to investigate reported gunfire), trying to convince cops that black skin doesn’t make us aggressive hasn’t been easy.

We’re pissed. And rightfully so. But some may think we’re too emotional. Or that the media is to blame for our very real, and at times, very aggressive behavior.

On TV One’s NewsOne Now this morning, Founder and CEO of The Zoldak Agency Sue Zoldak blamed the media. How did that sit with Roland Martin? Watch the fiery exchange below.


Despite the cases of Edward and Sterling, we have seen a bit of justice in motion in the case of Walter Scott. On Tuesday it was announced that the South Carolina officer that shot Scott in the back while he was running away would plead guilty.

TELL US: Do we react too soon at the news of officer involved shootings? Should we wait to hear all the facts?

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