It’s OK to Fix Your Man’s Plate


It’s official!  It’s that time of year where cook-outs, block parties and bar-b-ques are among us and if you’re coupled up you might be faced with the dilemma of fixing your man a plate (or not). 

My first official cook-out of the season just occurred and my man “Mr. Ten” was quick to point out that I should be making him a plate first versus going straight to the punch wine liquor.

In my past relationships, I did NOT fix my man a plate – it never crossed my mind.  In my present relationship my man says it’s a MUST.  He also points out; maybe that’s why I am single – because I was not fixing plates.  Ouch! Is there some truth in that from a man’s point of view? 

Our mothers and grandmothers pretty much fixed their men plates without hesitation.  But today’s woman is a little slower to plop mash potatoes on a plate that isn’t her own.

Whether you want to admit it or not if your man sits motionless like a department store mannequin when it’s time to chow down he is probably waiting for you to fix him a plate.

Today’s modern woman may perceive the task of fixing their man a plate demeaning.  They may feel that the role is like that of maid or servant.  Why is it such a big deal?  

Perhaps, we are looking at something way too deep.  

A part of me thinks its old school, but if it makes your man happy then what the heck?  There are certain things that we expect them to do…right?  

Like, take out the trash, take us out on our birthday, anniversary and remember Valentine’s Day.  When you think about it, these requests are equivalent to us fixing our man a plate.

Fixing plates is a signal to your man that you care and you are willing to go the extra mile to make sure he is taken care of.

It’s a gesture of love and respect. It isn’t meant to be subservient in any way. 

After closer examination I think there is more to this fixing plate thing than we women realize.  

Like a nice plate, your relationship should also reflect a healthy balance.  This harmony with your mate can be achieved by going the extra mile with a little tender loving care.  Try supporting each other through thick and thin, working together for common goals and keeping your business to yourself and cancelling the kiss and tell curse. 

Stop reading! And go fix your man a plate!