Was Gabby Sidibe Racially Profiled At Chanel?

by Krystal Franklin

May 16, 2017

Gabby Sidibe recently shared her experience of being racially profiled at a local Chanel store while living in Chicago. In an interview with Lenny Letter, the Oscar-nominated actress describes a nasty encounter with a saleswoman that she says is a result of her being, “black, but it could also be because I’m fat.”

The 34-year-old recalls asking the salesperson about eyeglasses and being dismissed and even directed to a nearby discount retailer.

Chanel has since released a statement apologizing to Sidibe:

“CHANEL expresses our sincerest regret for the boutique customer service experience that Ms. Sidibe mentioned in the essay she published on a website,” the company said in a statement. “We are sorry that she felt unwelcome and offended. We took her words very seriously and immediately investigated to understand what happened, knowing that this is absolutely not in line with the high standards that CHANEL wishes to provide to our customers.”

“We are strongly committed to provide anyone who comes in our boutiques with the best customer service, and we do hope that in the future Ms. Sidibe will choose to come back to a CHANEL boutique and experience the real CHANEL customer experience.” 

Sidibe is currently on tour promoting her new memoir This Is Just My Face: Try Not to Stare.

TELL US: Have you ever been racially profiled?

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