Several Thoughts: NEXT “Too Close” Music Video

by TV One Staff

May 16, 2017

When we think of R&B trio NEXT, hits like “Wifey” and “Butta Love” come to mind, but it was the popularity of their most commercially successful single “Too Close” that really put them on.

This 1997 R&B dance hit was smooth enough to play in your car but had just right tempo to set it off in the club/house party.

We have several thoughts about the music video:

1. What was it about 90s music that made it necessary for the song to instigate you to get on the dance floor? It’s as if songs came with their own instruction manual back then.

2. We have to admit that it took us a minute to realize that this song was about having an erection on the dance floor. The smooth production and slick dance moves make you forget completely about the embarrassingly explicit lyrics.

3. Ahhh! The 90s! When girls vs guys dance-offs happened in the club, right before joining forces.

4. When was the last time you wore a denim skort or baggy leather separates to the club?

5. Anyone notice how natural-looking women were considered sexy in the 90s?

6. Was it a requirement that R&B groups had that one brotha’ whose purpose was solely to have his chest out? 

7. Was Nelly inspired by the 45-second mark for his iconic “Flap Your Wings” dance video?

TELL US: What is your favorite song from Next? What is your favorite part in the “Too Close” music video?

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