Several Thoughts: Xscape “My Little Secret” Music Video

by TV One Staff

May 17, 2017

Xscape was able to carve their own lane in R&B with hits like “Who Can I Run To,”The Arms of the One Who Loves You” and their biggest commercial hit “Just Kickin’ It.”

However it was their last hit as a group that lingered on our brain, especially with the controversy that came with it:

We have several thoughts about the “My Little Secret” music video:

1. Can we talk about the transition of sex appeal that happened in this video? The girls went from tomboys to sex kittens almost overnight.

2. Was this record the birth of female cheating anthems?

3. Were we the only ones pleasantly surprised at Tiny and Kandi’s verse? After seeing them on reality television for so many years we almost forgot how talented they were.

4. How many of us giggled when Kandi mentioned her beeper in the first verse. Don’t front like you didn’t own one.

5. Even with the seemingly good chemistry in this video, can you believe that this song was their last hit as a group before they disbanded? Either way we’re glad to see that the ladies are back!

TELL US: What is your favorite song from Xscape? What is your favorite part in the “My Little Secret” music video?


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