Keep it Sexy – What You Can Learn From Halloween


It’s that time of year when a lot of us are looking for the perfect Halloween costume.  But why is all this fun only reserved for one night out of the year?  It shouldn’t be! 

Think of how much fun you have preparing for Halloween.  The treats, the costume and yes, even the tricks.  I bet if you think hard enough, you can even remember your first kiddie costume and even your first adult one.  Just think how much better your dating life or relationship would be if you took some of that Halloween effort and put it to use elsewhere.

My first kiddie costume was Raggedy Ann.  I LOVED IT.  I didn’t want to take it off and in some weird way, I think I really thought I was her.  Imagination is a powerful thing.  Fast forward to my grown up years and my first sexy costume was a belly dancer.  The outfit was baby blue with silver sequins.  I even had silver shoes and make-up to match.  All the preparation for one night, was truly worth it.  I felt like a movie star. 

So what did all this Halloween hoopla teach me?  Well, a lot.  See my list below and add some Halloween fun to your dating/relationship life each month.

What Your Dating/Relationship Life Can Learn From Halloween:


The art of imagination is a powerful tool.  Be imaginative in your dating/relationship world. 



Every year the thought of a new Halloween costume probably got you excited but as an adult many get stuck in a rut concerning their looks.  Take that “what’s my Halloween costume this year” excitement and pour it into YOU.  Change your hair.  Buy a new lipstick. Wear an outfit that isn’t necessarily you and add some Halloween enthusiasm into your every day style.


What’s wrong with a little role play?  We teach our kids that it’s fun to dress up as a princess or super hero so why wouldn’t you do the same for your mate?  GET OUT THE COSTUME and PUT IT ON.  Sexy maid, naughty nurse, marvelous mermaid and cheery cheerleader are some of my personal favorites.


Why does it make sense to go to your local discount store to purchase candy to pass out to strangers on Halloween but you won’t treat yourself or your mate to a delicious dessert?  You might be all grown up but you probably still have a love of chocolate or whatever floats your boat.  Don’t pass out ALL your treats!  Keep some for you and your steady or go buy your own. Food, especially treats can be very sensual. 


Treats may be highly favored but tricks can be just as fun.  When’s the last time you had a GOOD LAUGH?  Pulling a trick on your honey may be just what the doctor ordered.  If comedy isn’t your thing, who says a “trick” has to be funny?  There are bedroom tricks, cooking tricks and other adult tricks that can also put a smile on your mate’s face! 

So next time you think that Halloween is just for kids, think again!  Get out your sexy costume, your sensual treats and even a trick or two and don’t be SCARED to live it up!

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