Deceived: Season One Episodes


Episode 1  – “Doctor of Deceit”

Tammi McCreary thought she had met the man of her dreams in Eric Perteet.  A charismatic and ambitious doctor from Chicago, Eric quickly swept Tammi off her feet but Eric was not what he seemed to be.  Shortly after their wedding,  Tammi is faced with a string of shocking lies and the knowledge that she is not the only woman who has fallen prey to Eric’s deceitful ways…  

Episode 2 – “False Profit”

Abraham Kennard was a fast-talking pastor with an ambitious real estate investment opportunity.  Hundreds of pastors and parishioners from churches across the country were lured by Kennard’s lavish lifestyle and promises of enormous returns.   But though the millions poured in, the returns never poured out, revealing this supposed man of God…to be a man of greed.

Episode 3 – “Sweetheart Swindler”

When hopeless romantic Rose Anglade met Paul Francois, she thought the Lord had finally given her someone she could grow old with. Eager to begin her new life with the man of her dreams, Rose takes Paul’s advice and sells her home in New York City and shares her assets with her soul mate.  But unbeknownst to Rose, it isn’t just her money that he’s taken…

Episode 4 – “Double Played”

Corey Jenkins was a dual athlete with a potential pro career in either baseball or football. When the time comes to sign a management agency, Corey is convinced by local agents that they are the only agents that will look out for his true interests – the only agents he can trust.

Episode 5 – “’Til Death Do Us Part”

After years of marriage and expecting their second child, Roxane Johnson-Sterling and her husband Albert Jackson Sterling were experiencing some marital problems.  Like many couples, the Sterlings decided to go to therapy in an attempt to save the marriage.  But although Roxane felt the sessions were effective and sure to smooth out the rough patch in their marriage, Albert had planned a much darker solution to their problems…

Episode 6 – “Badge of Dishonor”

To his employer and the tenants of his building, Henry Terry was an intense and effective security guard.  But to the surrounding neighborhood, Henry Terry was a cop or was he?

Episode 7  – “Thou Shalt Not Steal”

When single mother Michelle McMullen goes missing from her home town of Harrisburg, PA, her parents are worried for her safety.  But after calling police, Michelle’s parents discover their daughter is under investigation for stealing thousands of dollars from her employers at the local church. 

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