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Belle’s  Episode #5 – True Love

This episode was a lot of fun!  My Belle’s character Jil is not one to bring a lot of men around and I feel that way in life as well.  I don’t parade just anybody around!!!

It was cool to see my character caring for a man in that way. And that man, Richard T. Jones, and I, go way back!  Can you believe that I use to take acting classes with him WAY BACK when I first moved to LA.  Being casted in a couple roll with him was too funny.


There was a scene between us that was  a little crazy.  You probably know the one.  The one where Richard (Jack) and I kiss.  There were major jokes on the set about Richard having to call his wife and explain. I had to laugh! I was like, I KNOW YOUR WIFE!!! LOL!  Do you want me to call her!!!! LOL!

The Fantasy Scene

The scene where my on-screen daughter Pam has a fantasy on how her mom meets this man is adorable.  You see myself and Richard T. Jones in a ball gown and tuxedo, dancing and spinning around.  We had too much fun taping that scene.  It was a nice touch to see how my baby girl feels about me in a relationship.  I thought that was really cute.


Fashion On the Set

I loved all my outfits from this episode and there was even one in the mix that was my own.

The lavender sheath dress is Nicole Miller and is one of my NY stylist Carmegie Dupry’s finds.


The brown jacket and cute lace dress underneath is BCBG.  The price point at BCBG is a little higher than my other go-to store Zara but I always seem to find something there!


The dinner dress is my dress.  It’s from one of my favorite spots, Zara.  While taping, production wasn’t sure if they wanted Jil to dress up or not but when in doubt, I go to Zara!  At the last minute, I decided to go buy that dress and I’m glad I did.  Zara always seems to work for me.


A Tennis Match of Wills / Aunt Gladys Vs. Jil

The scene where I am giving Aunt Gladys the menu for the family dinner for them to meet my new man is what Ella Joyce (Aunt Gladys) and I would later call a tennis match of wills.  My character Jil wanted her man to have this and that and Aunt Gladys was like HE is going to have what I am cooking. LOL!  Basically, it was two strong-willed women going back and forth and we all know who won!  Ella Joyce is terrific as Aunt Gladys.  She gives it to us in EVERY scene.  I LOVE her!

Why I Loved This Episode

This is was one of my favorite episodes so far.  Did you see Tami Roman going IN on those BOURBON MASHED POTATOES. LOL!  The topics of religion and after life are important discussions that shouldn’t be taken lightly.  I really enjoyed that this topic was in the show because it’s very interesting how African Americans view religion.  The show Belle’s pushed the envelope and I like that.

You hope the character Jil finds love with someone someday.  I remain hopeful for Jil that she meets someone that her and her family love.  I think in the end, Jil keeps hope alive all in the name of faith.

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